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1. Calculator in Pythonpython project ideas - calculator

Python Project Idea – Build a graphical user interface calculator using a library like Tkinter in which we build buttons to perform different operations and display results on the screen. You can further add functionalities for scientific calculations.

2. Countdown Clock and Timercountdown clock and timer python project

Python Project Idea – You can build a desktop application of a countdown timer in which the user can set a timer and then when the time is completed, the app will notify the user that the time has ended. It’s a utility app for daily life tasks.

3. Random Password Generator in Python

Python Project Idea – Creating a strong password is a tedious task. We can build an app to generate strong passwords randomly that contain alphabets, characters, and digits. The user can also copy the password so that they can directly paste it when creating the website.

4. Random Wikipedia Article

Python Project Idea – The project is used to get a random article from Wikipedia and then we ask the user if he wants to read the article or not. If the answer is yes then we show the article otherwise we fetch another random article.

5. Reddit Bot

Python Project Idea – The Reddit is a great platform and we can program a bot to monitor subreddits. They can be automated to save a lot of our time and we can provide useful information to the Redditors.

6. Python Command-Line Application

Python Project Idea – Python is great for building command-line applications. You can build a nice CLI interface through which you can send email to other people. It will ask the user for credentials and the data it needs to send and then we can send the data using a command line.

7. Instagram Bot in Pythonpython project - Instagram bot

Python Project Idea – The Instagram bot project is made to automate some of the basic tasks like automatically liking, commenting or following people. The frequency must be low because sending excessive requests to Instagram servers might get you deactivated.

8. Steganography in Python

Python Project Idea – Steganography is the art of hiding a message into another form such that no one can suspect the existence of the hidden message. For example, a message is hidden inside an image or a video. The project will be useful to hide messages inside the images.

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