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Python Project Ideas for Advanced

In today’s article, we have discussed 25 Python project ideas covering all the three stages of programmers. At first, we have discussed basic project ideas for beginners including number guessing, dice rolling simulator, etc. Then we have discussed some more engrossing project ideas for intermediates including a random password generator, Instagram bot, etc. In the end, we have covered some advanced projects for experts such as content aggregator, speed typing tests, etc.

1. Speed Typing Testspeed typing test in python

Python Project Idea – The speed typing test is a project through which you can test your typing speed. You have to make a graphical user interface with a GUI library like Tkinter then the user has to type a random sentence and when the user completes the typing, we display the typing speed, accuracy and words per minute.
Source Code – Python Project on Typing Speed Test

2. Content Aggregator

Python Project Idea – There are lots of information and articles on the internet. Finding good relevant content is hard so a content aggregator automatically searched the popular websites, looks for the relevant content and creates a list for you to browse the content. The user can select which content they want to look or not.

3. Bulk File Rename/ Image Resize Application

Python Project Idea – Machine learning tasks include preprocessing of the data. We need to perform resize and rename images in bulk, so an application that can handle these tasks automatically will be very helpful for machine learning practitioners.

4. Python File Explorer

Python Project Idea – Build a file explorer and manager app through which you can explore the files in your system, manage, search and copy-paste them to different locations. This project will use a lot of knowledge on various concepts of Python programming language.

5. Plagiarism Checker in Python

Python Project Idea – The idea behind this project is to build a GUI application that you can use to check for plagiarism. To build this project, you need to use a natural language processing library along with the Google search API that will fetch top articles to you.

6. Web Crawler in Python

Python Project Idea – A web crawler is an automated program script that browses the world-wide-web and it can look and store the contents of the webpage. This process is called web crawling. The search engines like Google use this technique to find up to date information. Make sure to use the multithreading concept.

7. Music Player in Pythonpython project idea - music player

Python Project Idea – Everyone enjoys listening to good music. You can have fun while learning by building a music player app. The music player can also search for the files in directories and building an interactive interface would be a challenging task that is best for advanced programmers.

8. Price Comparison Extension
Python Project Idea – This is an amazing project in which you can compare prices of a product from multiple web sources. Just like on Trivago website, we can compare the hotel prices, similarly, we can compare the prices of a product on websites like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc and display the best offers.

9. Instagram Photo Downloader

Python Project Idea – The Instagram photo downloader project is used to download all the Instagram images of your friends. It will use your credentials to access your account and then search your friends to download their photos.

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