Python Project Ideas for 2020 – Work on real-time projects to head start your career

Python Project Ideas for 2020

Python is the most used programming language on the planet. Gaining Python knowledge will be your best investment in 2020. So, if you want to achieve expertise in Python than it is crucial to work on some real-time Python project ideas.
Because theoretical knowledge is of no use until and unless you work on real-time projects. In this article, PythonSourceCode is providing you Python project ideas from beginners to advanced level so that you can easily learn Python by practically implementing your knowledge.
Project-based learning is the most important thing to improve your knowledge. That’s why PythonSourceCode is providing 270+ Python tutorials and Python projects ideas for beginners, intermediates, as well as, for experts. So, you can also level up your programming skills.

We will be discussing 200+ Python project ideas in our upcoming articles. They are categorized as:

Python Web Development Project Ideas, Python Game Development Project Ideas ,Python Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas ,Python Machine Learning and Data Science Project Ideas, Python Deep Learning Project Ideas, Python Computer Vision Project Ideas, Python Internet of Things Project Ideas

1. Number Guessing

Python Project Idea – Make a program which randomly chooses a number to guess and then the user will have a few chances to guess the number correctly. In each wrong attempt, the computer will give a hint that the number is greater or smaller than the one you have guessed.

2. Dice Rolling Simulator in Python

python project ideas - dice rolling simulator
Python Project Idea – The dice rolling simulator will imitate the experience of rolling a dice. It will generate a random number and the user can play again and again to get a number from the dice until the user decides to quit the program.

3. Email Slicer

Python Project Idea – The email slicer is a handy program to get the username and domain name from an email address. You can customize and send a message to the user with this information.

4. Binary Search Algorithmbinary search algorithm in python

Python Project Idea – The binary search algorithm is a very effective way to search for an element in a long list. The idea is to implement the algorithm that searches for an element in a list.

5. Desktop Notifier App

Python Project Idea – A desktop notifier app runs on your system and it will be used to send you notifications after every specific interval of time. You can use the libraries like notify2, requests, etc to build this app.

6. Python Story Generator

Python Project Idea – The project will randomly create stories with a little bit of customizations. You can ask users to input a few words like name, action, etc and then it will modify the stories using your words.

7. Youtube Videos Downloaderpython project ideas - youtube video downloader

Python Project Idea – Another interesting project is to make a nice interface through which you can download youtube videos in different formats and video quality.

8. Python Website Blocker

Python Project Idea – Build an application that can be used to block certain websites from opening. This is a very helpful program for students who want to focus on studies and don’t want any other distractions like social media.
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